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Neograft Vs Strip Method
In Savannah, GA

We gradually lose our hair through the aging process, but we can do something about the issue. There is a large selection of options available for treating hair loss. Hair transplant specialists tend to focus on reliable techniques available now. Savannah Facial Plastic Surgery offers both approaches to the problem of hair loss. You can decide which method is ideal for your hair, and we have specialists who can provide these services for you. Hair loss is a problem we choose to solve with our professional care.

How the Two Methods Compare

The Strip method extracts hair follicles from the back of the scalp and applies them to affected areas. Each follicle contains a few strands of hair, and implanting these hairs requires surgical precision. For our patients in Savannah Strip Method approach can quickly provide healthy hair to bald spots, but the implantation process can be a challenge.

The NeoGraft device uses a new method to reduce scarring and incisions. The machine vacuums the hair follicles from the donor area and implants them into the thinning region. At Savannah NeoGraft is a time-extensive technique but protects the scalp from scars.

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Try Our Services for Yourself

You can decide which technique you want to try and we'll provide the professional care you want. Savannah Facial Plastic Surgery offers both options for our clientele. We provide a selection of multiple choices to give every client the results they want to see. You can contact us today to schedule an appointment with our team of experts when you have time available. You can take the first step towards finding a hair transplant you want. Thinning hair and receding hairlines are problems we can solve now. A phone call can make a difference for your hair.

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