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Savannah Facial Plastic Surgery Staff

Topical Treatments for Hair Loss
In Savannah, GA

Dr. Timothy Minton can recommend 

safe effective treatments for hair loss restoration

Hair loss is a problem we all face. Just like our skin develops wrinkles over time, we will eventually experience receding hairlines and bald spots. There is a selection of solutions to the problem of hair loss, and our Topical Treatments Savannah experts want to help you protect your head from the aging process. We can change the way we look today, but improving our appearance means taking the right steps toward better personal care.

How We Apply Topical Treatments

At Savannah Topical Treatments uses Minoxidil to stimulate hair follicles in the scalp. The application of the hair stimulant will eventually reverse the effects of aging. The procedure is noninvasive but produces reliable results. You should notice the effects of Minoxidil months after the treatment.

The hairline recession will slow down, and bald spots will grow back. The Topical Treatments can also improve the appearance of thinning hair. The Minoxidil application we use is cheaper than surgical hair transplants, but the results of our treatment give you the same quality of care.

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Try Tropical Treatments for Yourself

Our cosmetic specialists understand how to provide the personal care your scalp is going to need to restore your head to its original appearance. Our topical treatment Savannah team can help you make a difference for yourself today. We want to maintain our appearance and keep our hairline. Hair loss causes damage to our scalp, but you don't have to live with this condition. You can contact us today and schedule an appointment when you believe you have time available. We'll help you learn more about Topical Treatments Savannah patients can take the first steps toward a full head of hair. Schedule a consultation today.

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